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Your 15 Minutes on HGTV

hgtv-kitchenSo you are getting ready to move or you just moved in to your new home. You keep thinking of all the ways that you want to fix up your new place. You constantly watch HGTV to get more and more ideas on how to improve your new home. You have high hopes and even higher expectations, thanks to these shows that only show the ideal and leave nothing but perfection. You start feeling overwhelmed at all the upgrades you want to implement, but you are brought back to reality when you look at your budget to make the changes that you desire. Why not apply to be on some of your favorite shows? Yes, I know that it’s a one in a million chance, but like the lottery it could be you. If you are chosen by one of these home improvement shows, the pay off could be pretty huge. With a little work, you could land a spot on Color Splash, Carter Can, Curb Appeal, and many others. (Don’t forget other cable networks with shows on DIY, TLC, and STYLE!!!)

Here’s how to start. Figure out which area/s you like free labor help for, particularly something that you could not do yourself and would need a contractor for. Take really good pictures of these spaces and upload them to your computer to attach to your application via the internet. Have an idea of what changes and repairs you would like to see happen. Explain these in detail and know your house dimensions. If you have a good sob story, or some kind of reason you deserve this crew to help you, include it. Every bit of info helps when trying to win over a producer of a T.V. show.

Now, if you have any money put aside, like a budget of $2000 or more, you should let the show know that you can contribute cash for this renovation, because in most cases they need it and may be able to match it. (Labor is free! Materials cost.) Be honest when deciding how much you can contribute. A show like Candice Olson’s Divine Design or Design for the Sexes chose clients with cash to spare. If you are handy, can sew, build, paint, disclose this in detail of projects you have done and what you are willing to do!!!

Unfortunately, if you live in a high traffic area, or main street, chances are that your location won’t be chosen. You need to explain where the trucks and crew can set up and include ample parking. Can your large backyard hold them? Can you share with a neighbor? Likewise, if there is any kind of permit issue, you may want to get permission ahead of time for any and all repairs you may want to delve into. Certain townships, cities, have a lot of red tape to cut through, but if you do it, than you’ve made it easier on the cast and crew. Remember, if you do the problem solving ahead of time, it may help persuade the powers in charge to decide to help you improve your house.

Visit the HGTV website and get started! See all the ways you can be on HGTV! And don't forget to connect with the best movers in your area before making a final decision on a moving company.

Good luck!!! And Best Wishes!!