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How to Avoid Moving Scams

Some moving companies are out there to scam you.

This is an unfortunate reality in today’s moving market, but it’s a reality any prospective person moving should consider.

What this guide is set to do is give you the most common scams and then an easy way to avoid them. Moving is stressful, let’s take away the stress of potentially getting scammed.

The Hostile Takeover

This is where the biggest scariest looking member of the moving crew approaches you and demands a large sum of money (that wasn’t previously discussed) be paid before they unlock the truck and unpack your stuff. This type of hostile takeover will make you feel you are back in the 3rd grade facing the schoolyard bully.

How to avoid this scam:

Research, research, research! There are plenty of online resources such as yelp, homestars, and BBB which can help you out. Look at reviews on a reliable source, not just the moving company’s website. Also, look for companies which have been around for more than five years - companies which use these scare tactics usually don’t last for long. Basically, if you do ample research, then you’ll end up picking a reliable moving company.

Speed over Quality

This is relates to companies which charge a flat fee and don’t offer reliable insurance policies. Flat fee and no insurance means your belongings are not protected. These movers tend to go as fast as possible during the move, with your stuff not being of concern. They see all this saved time as giving them a bigger profit margin. It’s not as much of a scam as it is bad business.

How to avoid this scam:

Ask the company about their insurance policy. Companies without reliable insurance policies should be avoided like the plague.

Hidden Fees

This scam is where a moving company gives you an unrealistically low quote initially. Once the move is booked and moving day arrives, the company shows up with a new contract which is much higher. In most businesses this wouldn’t be an issue, but moving is different. Most times moving dates aren’t flexible and there is probably someone waiting to move in after you leave. This leave you two options, sign the higher contract, or rent a U-haul and start packing filling it as quick as possible.

How to avoid this scam:

Get at least three estimates from different moving companies. This will give you a realistic amount of how much your move is going to cost you. Remember the best price doesn’t mean the best move. Use the resources at your disposal and you won’t be disappointed.

We hope this guide helps you with your next move.

Written by: Jordan Patrick

This piece was provided by the Vancouver movers – Great Canadian Van Lines.