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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving Across the Globe There are many, many things to consider for a long distance move, but with careful and diligent planning, you can take much of the stress out of relocation. FindMeMovers summarizes the essential steps for long distance and interstate moving:

  • Think carefully about who can provide first hand insight into where to live and what to do? Track down any friends or extended family who are living in your intended new state.  Ask them questions about the area for factual answers and make sure you try to get the pros and cons of living there. No amount of research replaces  feedback from  someone living in the area where you are relocating.
  • Do careful and prudent research on your long distance destination. Utilize the internet and library books for free information about your intended new state.  Although these resources can easily supply you with the state bird and state flower, it may be somewhat  biased and not be very factual when it comes to the safety or schooling provided in your intended location. So do not consider this step the end-all-be-all with your long distance move.
  • Enlist help from a realtor!  They can give you a handful of facts and direct you on the legalities involved with your long distance move, such as changing of residencies, drivers licenses, and tax statuses.  The key is finding a realtor who you feel comfortable with.  Professionals take their time to get to know you and ask you lots of questions on your expectations.  They are not looking for a quick sell and get back right away when you inquire about an important issue related to your relocation.
  • Test-drive your new location. For most of us with limited time and budgets, this may not be possible.  However, we strongly suggest spending the day/night, renting a car, and hanging around to explore the area and neighborhood. Be alert and look at the buildings and people living within.  Think “safety” and “politics”.  Buy a local paper and sit in a local restaurant/bar.  Talk to the locals, get a feel for the culture, and try to picture where you’d be happy living. 
  • Choose a reputable long distance moving company.  It is very important to know your rights and responsibilities when dealing with a long distance moves that involves relocation over state lines. (also known as interstate moving) Use only registered interstate movers for your long distance move. They should be familiar with the laws and regulations of both areas. (The state you currently live in and the new state where you are relocating). Our moving form automatically screens the movers  that we recommend so you can find the best long distance mover for your relocation needs.
  • When requesting an estimate from interstate moving companies, it is mandatory procedure for them to supply you with the following: order for service, bill of lading, and an inventory list.
  • Ask how much notice the moving company needs if you reduce the items you intend to move.
  • To lower the cost of your move, purge, purge, purge!  Get rid of things you won’t need because long distance moving can cost a pretty penny.  It is never too early to start packing and donating things. Need some extra cash. Why not advertise a garage sale on craigslist and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  • Setting up your utilities can take much longer for a residence in a completely different state. The last thing you need during your relocation is to arrive without any water or heat.   Even the comforts of television and internet access will help ease away the tension of your first week in a brand new town.  You’ll need to allow extra time for setting up these services as well as paying initial deposits. is a great resource to streamline the process for registering your essential home services for a long distance move. 
  • Plan the road trip!  Check the weather for the week of the move.  Check the traffic the day of the move.  Know the route and how your items are being handled.  How will they enter your new home?  Is there snow in the way?  Does your new home have outside lighting?  Is the pathway safe and smooth?  Is the driveway wide enough for the moving truck?
  • Plan how to handle issues concerning your pets/children.  It is best to keep them out of this situation.  Will you keep your pet in a crate?  Where will your children be during the move and what they will do if they must be present.
  • Check in with the long distance moving company and provide any updates about which belongings you are definitely moving for your relocation.
  • How will you arrive and meet up with the movers on moving day?  Maybe you will get to your new destination before “moving day” to clean and paint.  Can you arrange your items to be held safely in storage until you are ready?  How will you handle the electricity being off or the heat/ air-conditioning not working on moving day 
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