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Canada-Moving-CompaniesFindMeMovers provides discount moving estimates for all provinces of Canada. We're proud to focus on helping our Canadian customers have an affordable and stress-free relocation. It doesn’t matter if it’s local, long-distance or even a short notice move, instantly receive a no-oblgation quote from low cost movers in your area who you can trust to transport your furniture and personal belonging.

If you have any questions about what factors determine your moving costs, the types of moving tasks you must complete before your relocation, or how to pack more efficiently & eco friendly, this is also the place you want to be.

Ready to save time and money on your upcoming move? Just fill out our short form below to get connected with the most affordable movers in your area. When you allow Canadian moving companies to compete for your business, you can save up to 50% on your moving costs!


FAQ - Canada Moving Form

Why should I use your service for my upcoming move?

Our form significantly reduces your costs, legwork and stress of moving! First, you save up to 50% when movers know they are competing for your business. Second, you save time as it takes considerable effort to research highly rated moving companies in your province. Instead, just take two minutes to complete our quick and easy moving  form, powered by Professional movers will immediately contact you with a no-obligation quote, along with the details for your move. 

What types of moves do you service?

In addition to local and long distance moving companies, we also offer auto movers across Canada. (that can move cars locally or anywhere in The true North)  Our movers can also handle fragile or bulky items like artwork, pianos, and other specialty moving items. Regardless of the type of move, remember that you save up to 50% when Canada movers know they are competing for your business! 


Will my email address or phone number be used for any other advertising purpose?

Absolutely not! Your contact information is only forwarded to highyl rated movers who will be providing your moving cost estimates, based on the information you filled out in our moving form.  We never sell or pass on your details to anyone else.


Am I obligated to hire one of the moving companies that will contact me?

Absolutely not! We only want to give you the opportunity to compare multiple moving estimates so you can find the most affordable moving company for your specific needs. Although we are confident that you'll be impressed by the professionalism and moving rates of our Canadian movers, you are not obligated to book your move with any of them.

Is your Moving Quotes form really free?

Our service is absolutely free!
There are no hidden charges. Every quote you receive from our network of professional movers is 100% free with no obligation! And even if you do not hire our movers, you should still check out our free packing tips and green moving tips to help get you organized for an efficient move!

What areas of Canada do you service?

We cover all provinces in Canada!
Initially, our Canadian service focused on providing cost estimates from Toronto Movers, Montreal Movers, Ottawa Movers, Vancouver Movers, Calgary Movers and Edmonton Movers. However, we have since expanded to cover all of The True North! If you are moving within the United States, please check out our U.S. Moving form .

How do the rates from these professional movers compare with moving myself?

You'll be surprised to learn that it only costs a little more money to hire professional movers for your important move! Once you factor in core expenses like renting a truck, renting equipment, gas, as well as the additional risks to your precious goods, it should be a no-brainer. (Even without factoring all of those upcoming chiropractic bills from your back breaking labor.) You see, it really makes sense to spend just a little more to put your life's possessions into the hands of a professional moving company. And let's not forget about your time constraints during a move. Professional movers will be in and out of your new home in less than half of the time it will take you and your friends. (Then, you’ll be able to save your "friends and family" favors for a rainy day.)